T-80 Main Battle Tank

T-80 Main Battle Tank

The T-80 is the Result of the further development of the T-62. The T-80 features a 2A46 125mm cannon with an auto loader and a PKT MG in a coaxial mount and a NSVT MG mounted on the roof.

The T-80 also has a Russian Gas Turbine Engine that proved unreliable and then was replaced with a more powerful and reliable 820kW GTD-1000F turbine engine. The T-80 has a crew of 3 due to its autoloader. The T-80 since has been updated and recent models have ERA plates all over the tanks body and turret.


Because of the expensive cost of driving and maintenance and the disappointing combat debut in Chechnya all T-80s have been pulled from service.


  • T-80 (1976) first production model, no missile capability, features 1,000 hp gas turbine engine, no ERA mounting
  • T-80B (1978)