T-62s in Russia

T-62 Main Battle Tank

The T-62 is the Result of the further development of the T-54/55. It has an U-5TS 115mm smoothbore cannon the only kind of its size. The T-62 is the first tank to feature a smoothbore cannaon with a coaxial PKT and a roof mounted DShK. The T-62s main gun proved disasturos but led the way for better smoothbore guns.

Experiense From The Middle EastEdit

The first countries to field the T-62 in battle where the Syrians and Egyptians. The T-62 proved no match for Israeli armour but remains inb service today in many countries around the world. Israeli captured many T-62 and even pressed them into service with extensive modifications. The most recent variant is the Cuban T-62 which is a modernised T-62.

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