Aircraft CarriersEdit

Heavy Missile CrusiersEdit


  • Slava Class


  • Gremyashchy Class
  • Steregushchy Class
  • Buyan Class
  • Albatros Class
  • Bora Class
  • Tarantul Class
  • Nanuchka III Class
  • Parchim Class
  • Molniya-2


  • Kashin Class
  • Udaloy I Class
  • Udaloy II Class
  • Sovremennyy Class
  • Project 21956 Class


  • Admiral Grigorvich Class
  • Admiral Gorshkov Class
  • Burevestnik Class
  • Neustrashimyy Class
  • Gepard Class

Landing ShipsEdit

  • Tapir Class
  • Iven Gren Class
  • Mistral Class
  • Polnocny Class

Landing CraftEdit

  • Dyugon Class
  • Ropucha Class


  • Zubr Class

Ice BreakersEdit

  • Ivan Susanin Class
  • Purga Class

Patrol BoatsEdit

  • Rubin Class
  • Antares Class
  • Vikhr Class
  • Turya Class

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