Viet Cong Armed with an SKS


The SKS is a Russian Semi only Carbine chambered in the 7.62x39mm Russian M47 round. It was issued to many Russian units after 1945 before the AK-47 could be mass produced.

Vietnam VetEdit

The SKS is a light weight and a reliable weapon and saw extensive use in Vietnam. The SKS proved to be a perfict weapon system for jungle warfare.

The SKS holds 10 rounds and must be loaded from the top like a bolt action rifle from the early 20th centry. It could be loaded with individual bullets or a 10 round stripper clip.

Replaced with the AKEdit

With the advent of the AK-47 the SKS was quikly phased out and now is only used as a cerimonial rifle. Today some have been modified to use 20 round detachable box mags or even 30 round AK-47 magazines. Now it is used a a cermonial rifle often seen at military parades.