AK-74 RPK-74

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The RPK-74 is a Russian Light Machine Gun desined by gun designer Mikhail Kalashnicov in 1974. The RPK-74 was designed to replace the Original RPK which it did. It fires the Russian 5.45x39mm M74 round. The RPK can use 30, 45, 60 round casket magazines or a 100 round drum. The RPK-74 can fit optics and an asortment of night vision sights. The RPK-74 can simply be described as a longer heavier barreled AK-74 with a bipod. Because of the RPK-74s unremovable barrel gunners mustt fire in short bursts rathur than firing countinusly as this may cause overheating.


  • RPKS-74 Paratrooper model with side folding wood stock
  • RPK-74N features side rail for mounting night sights
  • RPKS-74N features olding stock and side rail for night sights.
  • RPK-74M features black polymer furniture and a side folding stock.