Project Anbakan

Project Anbakan was a project established by the Soviet Union to rival an American programme. The project was establish a replacement of the AK-74 rifles in service with a newer rifle.


The Project tested several new rifle designs from three design bureau. The rifles tested included the AEK-971, the AN-94.


Project Anbakan end with the AN-94 being established as the Successor of the AK rifles. Officials claimed that the AS/ASM rifle,now known as the AN-94 designed by G.N. Nikinov from the Izmash Bureau, and the bullpup TKB-0146 was the most accurate weapon with low enough recoil to be hip fired with out problems.

Both rifles could fire a 2 round burst fast enough that it sounded like a single shot. The bullpup TKB-0146 was cancelled in favor of the slightly less complex AN-94.
300px-Russian AN-94 FSB

AN-94 with KOBRA red dot sight and GP-25