The PPSh-41 was a 7.62x25mm submachinegun designed in 1941 as a simplified PPD-40. The PPSh-41 was an important weapon in the victory over Nazi Germany in World War 2.


The PPSh-41 is as simple as its appearence, it is an open bolt design that has a maximum rate of fire of 900 rounds per minute. Early on in the war the PPD-40 barrels where to hard to produce in large quantities. Thus the PPSh-41 was produced featuring barrels from Mosin NAgaint rifles that where cut in half.

The PPSh-41 was ussually fed from a 71 round drum magazine although a 35 round magazine was availible.


The PPSh-41 proved inturmental inthe Russian Counter Attack in late and early 1943. As its design was light and easy to produce it saw extensive service with Mechinised Troops. Troops would ride on tanks with there PPShs then as the battle began they dismounted from the tanks and would advanse with there PPShs.


Production of the PPSh-41 began in 1941 and ended in 1945, with over 5 million PPSh-41s produced. The PPSh-41 actually saw service amoung both sides of the war. Many PPSh-41s captured by the Germans early in the war where pressed into service and sometimes even where put back into service by the Russians.