PKP Pecheneg SAW

PKP Pecheneg Squad Autimatic Weapon

TThe PKP is a Squad Automatic Weapon/GPMG in use by Russian Ground Forces, mostly troops in the Special Purpose (Spetsnaz) and other specialized units. Designed as an improvement over the venerable PK Machine Gun, it fires from the same feed system and fires  7.62x54mmR amunition. Like the PKM the PKP's belt feeds from the left side. Due to the fixed, heavy weight barrel, the PKP is more accurate than the previous installments of PK Machine gun family. The fixed barrel uses radial forces cooling ribs and a handle, which removes haze effect from prolonged firing, keeping the barrel cooler, longer. The cooling system is similar to  that of the American made Lewis Machine Gun. The GRAU Index designation of the PKP is 6P41 or, when fitted with a night sight, 6P41N.


The PKP is also called the Pecheng, named for a tribe of Turkic origin whom lived in the southern region of Russia and Ukraine. Due to the ability to feed from a belt, the heavier, forced cooling barrel and larger, more powerful 7.62x54mmR ammunition, the PK Machine Gun is more effective at suppression than the standard issue Infantry Automatic Rifle of the Russian Military, the RPK-74M.


The PKP does not feature an interchangeable barrel or a detachable bipod.  Rather than use a barrel removable barrel, the PKP uses an forced air-cooling system designed to cool the barrel of the weapon, in order to prevent overheating.  This system is enclosed in a steel jacket that runs along the barrel of the weapon to the muzzle. Air enters through oval shaped windows along this jacket and exits near the muzzle, cooing the barrel. This system was first used in the WWI Era American made Lewis Machine Gun. The manufacturer claims the PKP can withstand 600 rounds per minute sustained without any worry of damage to the barrel. Modern production PKPs use a special flash suppressor, while previously the PKMs Flash Suppressor was used, which resulted in a significant muzzle blast.


An integral, no-removable folding bipod is placed near the muzzle, which improves the weapons stability and accuracy at longer range. However, the bipod removes the ability other members of the PK family have, in which a shooter may grasp the bipod and use it as a for grip for hip firing. However, swing swivels allow the shooter to fire the weapon from their hip using the carry handle for the weapon, or supporting the weapon under the ammunition box.


The PKP retains the standard PK Machine Gun mounting interface, allowing it to be mounted on any existing PK tripod mount, though it is always issued as a Squad Automatic Weapon/Light Machine Gun.