PKM Light Machine Gun

The PKM is a belt fed Russian light machine gun designed by Nikhail Kalashnikov in the 1960s to replace the aging RPDs. The PKM fired the Russian 7.62x54mmR round using a 100, 200 and 250 round belts.

Kalashnikovs LMGEdit

The PKM became the Russians Main light machine gun throughout the 20th century. The PKM has been sold to various nations through out the world. It became known for its ruggedness and interchangable barrel system. The PKM can use optics as well as a detachable bipod. It is currently being Phased out by the PKP light machne gun.


  1. PKM, standard model
  1. PKMS, heavier model
  1. PKT, MG for coaxial mount
  1. PKMSN, sepeacalized night vision version