This page contains weapons used by the Russian Airforce

Aircraft CannonsEdit

  • GSh-30-1 30mm cannon

Air to Air MissilesEdit

  • Vympel R-27
  • Vympel R-73
  • Vympel R-77

Air to Ground MissilesEdit

  • Kh-31
  • Kh-35
  • Kh-29
  • Kh-59

Air to Ground RocketsEdit

  • B-8
  • B-13
  • S-25LD
  • S-250

Air to Ground BombsEdit

  • KAB-500L
  • KAB-1500
  • LGB-250
  • FAB-250
  • FAB-500
  • FAB-1500

Nuclear WeaponsEdit

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