Mil-24 Hind F

Mil Mi-24 HindEdit

The Mi-24 Hind is the Result of the Russians evaluation of the use of Helicopters in the Vietnam War. The Mi-24 Hind was a multi-role Helicopter designed to take out tanks with its rockets and Missiles and drop in a small force of infantry to mop up.


The Mi-24 Hind had a huge role in the Russian invasion of afghanistan dropping in spetznaz forces to battle the mujahadeen and provide airsupport for Russaian forces in the area.

Upgrades and RetirmentEdit

The Mi-24 Hind had gone through several upgrades from its initial deployment in Afghanistan. The Hind F featured a double barreled 30mm cannon in place of its original 12.7mm machine gun.

After the fall of the Soviet Union many eastern block countries have retired there Hinds from service from either lack of spare parts, poor maintinace and newer better choppers being produced from the west.