KV-1 Heavy Tank

The KV-1 heavy tank was one of the most heviest armoured tanks at the begining of World War 2.

The KV-1s main Armerment consisted of a 76.2mm cannon and 3x 7.62 DT machine guns. More than enoght fire powere to take out any tank at the begining of WW2. The KV-1 was most known for its armor as its armor was so thick it could survive any anti tank weapon at the outbreak of WW2.


I one instance during the Battle of Leiningrad a KV-1 was parked on a road in front of the german advance. For a whole day the Germans tried to destroy the KV-1 using everything from a PAK 36 37mm AT gun to the mighty 88mm FLAK 18. The germans eventually destroyed it with demolitions but the tank had slowed the advance for an entire day.