IS-2 (Joseph Stalin Tank) Heavy Tank, was a Russian heavy tank designed as a breakthrough tank. Though often called the Panther Killer the IS-2's 122mm gun could not penatrate the front Glacis Plate of a Panther at any distance. 

Development and HistoryEdit

First seeing action in 1944 the IS-2 was developed as a replacment for the KV series tanks in the Soviet Army.


The early IS-2 featured a A-19 122mm gun and in later models  the faster loading D25-T 122mm tank gun. Maned by a crew of 4 (Driver, Commander, Loader and Gunner), the IS-2 was one of the lightest and well armored Heavy tanks in WW2.


  • IS-122 (IS-2 Model 1943), mounted A-19 122mm gun
  • IS-2 Model 1944, improved hull and armed with D25-T 122mm tank gun
  • IS-2M, 1950s modernization