BMP-2 Infantry Combat Vehicle

The BMP-2 is the result of Russias move to improve the BMP-1s design. The BMP-2 has the 2A42 30mm Automatic cannon and a PKT coaxial. The BMP-2 is fully amphibious and has a crew of 3 and can carry 7 passengers.


The BMP-2 features some signifigant improvment in fire power over its predaccessor. The 2A42 dual feed 30mm cannon equiped cannot penatrate thick tank armour but can be devestating to vehicles of the same class or lower. The 2A42 30mm cannon can be used to shoot at enemy aircraft to but is limited to the elevation of the turret. To make up for its small main gun the BMP-2 is armed with a devestating AT-5 Spandrel missile on a roof mount. The AT-5 is a potent weapon to any tank but has to be fired from outside the BMP-2.


The BMP-2 is fully amphibious and can enter water with little preporations. It is propelled by its tracks.

The BMP-2 has very weak armor but this is compinsated by its small silhoet and speed.

Because of the BMP-2s small size the fuel has to be stored in the seats of the passenger compartment and in the rear doors. This is a fatal flaw inherited from the BMP-1.


  • BMP-2D, Late prodution BMP-2 with additional Armor.
  • BMP-2K, Command variant with additional radios.
  • BMP-2M, Current model with additional armor with a AGS-30 grenade launcher and up to 4 9M133 Kornet launchers mounted on turret sides. Also features improved suspension and new day/night sights found on the BMD-4. Other Modifications can be made including a new engine and a new air conditioer.