BMP-1 Infantry Combat Vehical

The BMP-1 is the worlds first Infantry Combat Vehical. The BMP-1 has a semi-auto 73mm cannon, 1x PKT 7.62x54mmR MG in a coaxial position, and an Anti tank missile laucher mounted on the roof. The BMP-1 is fully amphibiouse and had a crew of 3 and can carry 8 passangers in the rear. It has thin armor and can be easily penatrated with grenade launcher or any Anti tank weapon. The BMP-1 is especially vunrable in the rear as the rear doors are hollow and used as fuel tanks.

The First True APCEdit

The BMP-1 can be recognized as the worlds first true Armoured Personal Carrier as it was the first vehical able to carry infantry that can be deployed or fight from inside as well as the ability to engage enemy armor and provide support for infantry at a considrable speed.

BMP-1's legacyEdit

The BMP-1 has become one of the most widly used ICVs in the world. It remains in service in the Russian Military as well as many other nations around the world as its ability to transport troos and firepower remainsunchanged.