A Typhoon Class underway

Akula Class Nuclear Balistic Missile Submarine

The Akula class SSBN are the largest submarines in the world. Commonly known as the Typhoon class there are only 3 out of the original 6 currently in service.


The Akula class SSBN where designed to be able to fire its payloud underneath the polar ice cap in the event of WW3. The Akula can carry up to 200 warheads in 20 R-39 Rif SLBMs. The Akulas are so large that it houses a small pool and bathtubs on board and can remain under water months on end.


The Akula class carry 20 D-19 launch tubes each carring R-39 SLBM each able to carry up to ten warheads. One of the Akulas are currently armed with the new R-30 Bulava. The Akulas carry an array of 650mm torpedos and 533mm torpedos in 6 tubes forward.