ASM-DT amphibious asssault rifle

ASM-DT Amphibious Rifle

The ASM-DT ifle is an odd weapon, as it can shoot both standard 5.45x39mm M74 ammunition as well as the 5.66x39mm MGST underwater ammunition. The ASM-DT is designed for Russian Navy Frogmen and Spetnaz for shooting underwater and above water. It replaced the Russian APS amphibious assault rifle as it did not meet the requirment needed by its users to fire ammunition both above and below water accuratly.


The ASM-DT can fire underwater by its unique 5.66 ammunition and its ability to adjust its gas tube for underwater and above water shooting. When firing above water the magazine release is moved forward to fit the standard 30 round AK-74 magazine and when shooting underwater it moves back to fit the 5.66 APS magazine which holds 26 rounds.