AN-94 Assault RifleEdit

Although planned to be the standard assault rifle in the Russian Army, due to cost and complexity it is issued mainly to Russian special forces.

AN-94 GP-30

AN-94 with under barrel GP-30 Grenade launcher.

The AN-94 has several unique features, such as a 2 round burst mode designed to pierce body armour, with a unique recoiling barrel that allows the user in this mode to rapidly fire two shots before feeling the recoil, resulting in very high accuracy.

Current UsageEdit

The AN-94 is a new Russian selective fire Assault Rifle created to replace the 40 year old AK-74 type assault rifles, and uses the same magazines. It has a folding stock and a unique flash suppressor. It has 4 fire modes; safe, semi, 2-round burst, and fully automatic. The AN-94 is currently being used by Russian Special Forces such as the Spetnaz and VDV, as well as some police forces in Russia. The Russian Army had originally deemed the rifle to be the successor to the AK series, but have revised this statement and are having the rifles given to Special Forces Units as the rifle is much more expensive to produce and requires more training to operate.

Field Stripped AN-94

Стрельба из АН-94 "Абакан"

Стрельба из АН-94 "Абакан"


2-round burstEdit

The AN-94 has a distinctive 2-round burst that when fired sounds like a single shot, due to the high rate of fire of 1800 rounds per minute in this mode, compared to the 600 rounds per minute of its full-auto mode. Its unique delayed recoil design forces the rifles magazine to be loaded in at a slight angle, and although though this may take some time to get used to, it is a neccesary design feature due to the unique loading mechanism required by the high rate of fire of the 2-round burst mode.


The AN-94 has been seen to be able to fit various optics via the standard mount on its left side, as well as both a bayonet and grenade launcher at the same time.


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