The AKS-74u was designed to adress the need for a unique short carbine for Russian Airborne Forces. The Result was the Autimatic Kalashinkov Paratooper Model 1974 Short, "Aka" the AKS-74u. The AKS-74u uses the Russian 5.45x39mm M74 round, which is the standard round in the Russian army.


The AKS-74u has a shortened 210mm barrel. The dust cover is removed differently that a standard AK-74 as it has a hinged dust cover. It will accept standard 30 round AK-74 magazines as well as other 5.45x39mm magazines.

Civilian refrencesEdit

Some might think it is actually called the AK-74u but that is not true as there is no such thing as an AK-74u ever built or serviced in any country.

Removal from ServiceEdit

The AKS-74u is curently schedualed to be replaced by the newer AK-105 Carbine.

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