AKM Assult Rifle

The AKM or Autimatic Kalashnikov Modernized was the successor of the AK-47. The AKM began production in 1959 replacing all AK-47s in service of the Russian Military. It uses the same 7.62x39mm M43 round as the AK-47. The Rifle is often mistaken as a AK-47 by civilians as many people refer to videogames and movies which often themselves don't even have real AK-47s in them.

Differences from the AK-47Edit

The AKM featured a muzzle compensater and was produced at much grander scale of over 90 million. The AKM was also produced using thicker stamped parts and was made for mass production as the AK-47 was built using thinner milled. The AKM also includes Strengthening ribs on the upper reciever to stregthen the design of the rifle. The AKM is also the first kalashinkov rifle able to equip a grenade launcher the GP-25. The overall design of the AKM is still the same as Kalashinkov's AK-47.

The AKM had new sights that went adjusted all the way to 1000m though at that point accuracy became a joke. Also a hammer delaying device was built in to reduce the rate of fire of the AKM to help recoil compensation and accuracy.

The muzzle compensator could be removed and could be attached to a original AK-47 by removing a cap on the end of the AK-47s barrel.

Still in Service?Edit

The AKM is actually still in service in the some Russian units because of its hard hitting 7.62mm round can penatrate light cover. Though the Russian Army had declared the AK-74 the successor of the AKM in 1974 some units kept there rifles for its hard hitting 7.62 round. Some units are recieving the AK-103 as a replacment for their hard hittin AKM.


  • AKMS, Folding stock version for Russian paratroopers and BMP mounted troops.
  • AKMN, Has side rail for mounting night vision equipment
  • RPK, light machine gun version with longer barrel and bipod.