AK-74 Assault RifleEdit


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The AK-74 is a Russian Assault Rifle Designed by Famous gun Designer Mikhail Kalashnikov in 1974. The AK-74 is Russia's Main Assault Rifle since 1974. It uses the Russian 5.45x39mm M74 round.

New RoundEdit

The AK-74 was built in the response of the American M16 as its new round proved to be more accurate than 7.62x39mm Ammunition. The Soviet Union requested a more powerful round to face off against the 5.56x45mm ammunition of the M16. In response Kalashnikov built a new Assault rifle to carry the new 5.45x39mm ammunition. It was deemed the (Autamatic Kalashnikov 1974) or AK-74.


The AK-74 can have a variaty of optics such as the PSO-1 and KOBRA sights. The AK-74 can fit GP-25, GP-30 and GP-34 grenade launchers.



Speacialized night fighting variant meant to accomidate NSPU and NSPUM night vision scopes.


Speacialized suppresed variant of the AKS-74u.


The AKS-74 is the paratrooper model of the AK-74 assult rifle. It features a folding stock and able to fit optics with a optional side rail. It is currentl in service with the Russian VDV paratroopers.


The AKS-74u is a shortened carbine version of the AKS-74 built specificly for the Russian VDV paratoopers, as a shortened model for easy compactness for transport on an aircraft or in a tank. The AKS-74u was issued to Airborne troops and armoured personel. Currently the AKS-74u is being replaced by the the newer AK-105 based on the AK-74M.



AK-74MK with a GP-30

The AK-74M or Autimatic Kalashincov 1974 Modernized and first produced in 1991. The AK-74M is the current Standard Russian Service Rifle and features new black polymeir grips, a new flash hider, smoth dust cover and a polymer folding stock making the rifle a lighter weapon. The AK-74M also features a side rail for adding optics for engaging longer range targets.