AK-47 Machined version


The AK-47 was designed by Russian tank mechanic Mikhial Kalashnikov in 1947 and officialy adopted by the Russian Military in 1949 and replaced the SKS. The AK-47 fires the Russian 7.62x39mm round at a range of 300m.


In 1959 Kalashnikov refined the design and produced the AKM. The AKM can clearly be identified with havng a curved muzzel compenater and distinct strengthening ribs on the cover. Most AKMs are mistaken as AK-47s by civilians.

Variants (original AK-47s only)Edit

  • AKS-47, Paratrooper and armoured infantry model. Has downward folding stock for confined spaces.
  • Type 1, stamped sheet metal reciever.
  • Type 2, Milled reciever, chrome plated chamber and barrel.

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