AEK-971 Assault Rifle

The AEK-971 is a Assualt rifle that competed in the inisual Anbakan project. It fires Standard M74 5.45x39mm Russian ammunition.


The AEK-971 features a new gas system that has increased accuracy, 15% better than the AK-74M. The new gas system features an advanced recoil reduction system that greatly reduces verticle recoil. The new Gas System uses Nwtons Third law of motion. When the gas piston pushes back on the bolt and ejects the spent cartigde two medal rods are moved forward countering the motion of the the guns action.

Failure and SuccessEdit

The AEK-971 failed the Anbakan trials and was not accepted into service. Although the AEK-971 failed the trials it found its way into service with the MVD internal troops. It was recently seen in Chechnia in the hands of Spetsnaz MVD troops.


  • AEK-972, 5.56x45mm NATO version uses AK-100 series 30 round magazines
  • AEK-973, 7.62x39mm version uses standard 30 round AK magazines
  • AEK-971S, added burst fire mode version of the AEK-971
  • AEK-973S, added burst fire mode version of the AEK-973