The 7.62x54mmR is the oldest cartridge still in use in regular military service. It is similar in preformance to the Springfield 7.62x63mm (30-06) ammunition.

The 7.62x54mmR is currently in use with Russian Light Machineguns and sniper rifles.

Modern ammunition typesEdit

  • 57-N-323S standard anti-personel ammunition can penitrate 6mm of steel at 520m
  • 7N13 anti personel ammuntion designed to kill infantry wearing boy armour. Has a red sealing belt near mouth of the case. Can penitrate 6mm of steel at 660m
  • 7T2 tracer cartrige designed foir designating targets and fire adjustment. tracer burns for 3 seconds. Has a green tip.
  • 7N1 Standard sniper rifle ammunition.
  • 7BZ-3 armour peircing incidiary ammunition. designed to defeat lightly armoured targets. has a black tip.