5.45x39m M74

The 5.45 cartrige was the result of the Soviet observations in Vietnam showing that the 5.56x45mm round used in the American M16s. The 5.56x45mm round was small and light weight allowing soldiers to carry more ammunition.

In response the Soviet Union created the 5.45x39mm M74 cartrige and adopted a new rifle for the cartrige the AK-74. The M74 replaced the M47 7.62x39mm cartridge as the standard Ridle cartridge in the Russian Military.

Poison BulletEdit

The Balisticls of the M74 round can cause tromendous wounds by a tumbling effect caused by the round creating a temporary cavity twice.

The M74 round is deadly and acurate. In the invasion of Afghanistan Soviet troops used the new round to great effect. The Mujahdeen called it the poison bullet because often when hit the victems wouldn't die from the initial hit. But would die later from wounds caused by the bullet.

Ammunition TypesEdit

  • 5N7 first variant introduced in 1974
  • 7N6 high penitration round inroduced in 1987 can penitrate 6mm of steel plating at 300m. Can be identified with a red ring around neck
  • 7N10 improved pewnitration round introduced in 1992 as standard service round. can penitrate 16mm of steel plating at 300m. Can be identified with a violet/prurple identification ring around neck.
  • 7N22 armour peircing round. can be identified by red ring around neck and a black tip.
  • 7N24 super armour piercing ammunition. made of tungsten carbide.
  • 7T3 Tracer ammunition burns out to 800m
  • 7T3M tracer ammunition burns out to 850m
  • 7H3 training cartridge requires blank adaptor
  • 7H3M train cartridge requires blank adaptor
  • 7Kh3 training cartridge requires blank adaptor
  • 7H4 training cartridge requires blank adaptor
  • 7U1 Subsonic ammunition.

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