2S7 Pion 203mm self propelled gun

2S7 Pion 203mm self proppelled gun

The 2S7 is a 203mm self propelled gun that mounts a 2A44 203mm cannon. The US Army's designation the M1975. The 2S7 remains the largest self propelled gun in the world.


The 2S7's chassis is based on the T-80 chassis mounting an exteranlly mounted 203mm 8-inch cannon. With a crew of 7 the 2S7 carryes 4 shells ready for immedeatly use. Most of the 2S7's ammunition is carried in trucks. The 2S7 is able to fire nuclear ammunition, and has a range of about 23 miles.

The improved variant carries 8 shells and increases the rate of fire called the 2S7M Mialka entered service in the Russian army in 1985. In total the Russian Army only has 37 of these 2S7 and 2S7Ms in service.