Spurt-SD in Moscow 2009

2S25 Spurt-SD

The 2S25 Spurt-SD is a Russian Tank destroyer meant for quick hit and run attacks on enemy vehicals. As many theorize tanks will be obsolete on the battlefield so the Russians built the Spurt-SD to take on American tanks with quick hit and run tactics

The Spurt-SD based on the BMD-3 chasis it is made of mostly aluminum build and is fully amphibious. Currently only 24 are known to be in service in the Russian Army. Currently being built at the Volograd tank plant there are plans for more to be built for the VDV.

Hit and RunEdit

The Spurt-SD's frontal armor has moderate protection against 23mm weapons and sides armor could with stand 7.62 firearms. But in which case its speed would provide a quick retreat from battle and keep it from direct hits.