2 2A38M 30mm cannons mounted on an M1 Tunguska

2A38M 30mm cannon

The 2A38M twin barreled cannon is the result of KBP Insturment Design Bureaus development from the GSh-30-2 30mm aircraft cannon. The 2A38M is currently mounted on the 9K22 Tunguska and Panstir S-1


The 2A38M's multi-barrelled design creates an intense amount of heat generated by its powerful ammunition, the same used on the 2A42 and 2A72 30mm cannons. To compinsate for the heat the 2A38M is water cooled and can operate in environments of -50 degrees C and +50 degrees C. This makes the 2A38M an effective all environments weapon.


The 2A38M may seem to be a scary weapon indeed with its powerful round. But Accuracy is greatly compromised as resent field test have shown. But the 2A38M wasn't designed for long range shooting but more of a weapon to ward off incoming jets from getting to close.